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Pesto Meatballs

1 Nov

Ingredients: Ground beef, pesto sauce, garlic, bread crumbs, eggs, pepper, and salt.

In a large bowl, combine 1 to 1½ pounds of quality thawed ground beef with ¾ cup of pesto sauce, a couple cloves of pressed garlic, one egg (whisked), and one cup of bread crumbs. It makes it easier if you use crushed croutons. That way you don’t have to add much salt to the meat. Add fresh ground peppercorns. Mix thoroughly.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Try to roll the meatballs so that they’re all about the same size for even cooking. Cook for 25 to 30 minutes until they’re nice and brown.

Top with a bit of extra pesto sauce if you like. These are delicious with simple pasta, in sub sandwiches, or as an appetizer.

Experiment: Spice them up by adding dried red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper. Try adding fresh diced peppers for a different flavor. Add half a cup of grated Parmesan, Asiago, Romano, or even a scoop of Ricotta cheese. Cook the meatballs ahead of time and freeze them for later use.


Coconut Curry Beef Wrap With Chèvre

26 Jul

Ingredients: Carrots, onions, garlic, extra lean ground beef, ground curry powder, ground ginger, ground cumin, sea salt, red pepper flakes, corn starch, coconut milk, beef broth, honey, spring salad mix, chèvre, and fresh grilled tortillas.

If you have a wok, it’s great for cooking this dish. If not, a deep skillet or stew pot would work, too.

I start by sauteing carrots, onions, and garlic together with a bit of olive oil over medium high heat until they just begin to soften. (About eight minutes.)

While the vegetables are cooking, with my hands I knead into the beef the curry, cumin, ginger, half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes, sea salt and one tablespoon of corn starch. I use about three parts curry to two parts cumin to one part ginger. When the vegetables are done, I remove them from the pan and brown the beef.

While the beef is browning, I make the sauce. I combine one cup beef broth, half a can of coconut milk, and two tablespoons of honey.

Lastly, I add the vegetables back in with the beef and pour the sauce over the top. I bring it to a boil uncovered and then reduce the heat to medium low and cover it for about twenty minutes. As it cools, it will thicken some but it should remain a bit saucy.

I like to spoon it into a fresh grilled flour tortilla with spring salad mix and pieces of chèvre.

Experiment: Try differing amounts of carrots, onions, and garlic or add other vegetables into the mix. Don’t be afraid to change the amount of spices you use. If you don’t like cumin, don’t use it and add more curry instead. Or use fresh ginger instead of ground ginger. Serve it over rice or in flat bread instead of tortillas.